If Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Can’t Take A Good Image With His iPhone How Can Real Estate Agents?

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Your iPhone Is NOT A Professional Camera And Tim Cook Proved It

The internet went ablaze Sunday, not only about the Super Bowl and it’s respective commercials, but almost equally with Tim Cooks blurry iPhone 6S photo of the game. In case you missed it online, here is Tim Cook’s beautiful image that fits nicely in Apple’s “Shot On iPhone” campaign. Tim Cook iPhone

This is just another example of the hype that cellphone cameras carry from manufacturers. Within cameras, pixel count does make a difference but it is the image sensor size that makes or breaks quality. The breakdown is simple, the larger the image sensor, the more light it captures which results in a, higher depth of clarity. The iPhone 6S has a sensor size of 4.89X3.67mm where as a Nikon D5100 DSLR has a sensor size of 23.69X15.60mm.  The Nikon can capture more than four times the amount of light (imaging is capturing light) than an iPhone 6S. This does not make a DSLR four times better than an iphone 6S. In fact, a DSLR is arguably eight times better than an iPhone 6S when you factor in interchangeable lenses, filters, white balance, ISO, external lighting possibilities and having full control of shutter speed and aperture.

Better Cellphone Imaging Is Possible

It is possible to take decent cellphone images and if you want to instantly better you cell imaging for real estate, read our blog on poor real estate images and how to improve them here. Just remember that when buying or selling a home, it is one of the largest financial endeavors an average person makes. A real estate agent’s job is to help consumers buy and sell homes in the most professional way possible and representing a clients property with a cellphone is a disservice to the client. Please, if you are a real estate professional, leave the cellphone in your pocket purchase a DSLR and an extreme wide angle lens and learn how to shoot without using the auto and program modes. If that is still too much to undertake, as you are busy building your real estate practice and working with clients, hire a professional photographer, as a picture is worth $1,000. 


Thanks for reading. We hope that Tim Cook’s picture helps consumers and real estate agents understand the difference between the marketing they are exposed to versus real world examples and use cases. They don’t get much better than this.

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